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Pierce the night and reveal your garden’s beauty with an outdoor light installation in London

Yes, leisurely strolls with your significant other under the silvery stars may seem like the most romantic thing to do. That is until you face the pitch-black reality outside. With a simple (or elaborate) outdoor lighting installation, we can help you lift the nightly veil and bring the true beauty of your garden or porch to light
Make your garden glamorous with the help of AC Kinetic

Garden lighting installation is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted. You’ll need to know exactly where each landscape lighting wire goes and follow an impressive list of electrical safety regulations if you wish to avoid serious injury to you or those around you. That’s why we recommend hiring a qualified specialist to manage your outdoor garden installation.
With AC Kinetic, your carefully nurtured garden will look stunning even in the absence of sunlight. Whether you want to place a few outdoor garden led lamps and solar lanterns in strategic locations or wish for a comprehensive track lighting installation, our polite and skilled professionals will always have the know-how to make it happen.

Turn night into day with an outside light installation in London

Who said that you’re allowed to enjoy outside your home only during the day? With just a few interesting landscape lighting ideas, you can easily make your peaceful retreat twice as alluring. For instance, a few solar patio lights or rows of led outside lights following a meandering garden or porch path is all it takes to give the outside of your home a completely different look and feel. If you want to create a more ambient atmosphere outside, our quick and precise electricians can also set-up modern low voltage exterior lighting. No matter what plans you have for your green space, our specialists can and will make it a reality.

Q: Do I need to install a landscape lighting transformer?

A typical landscape lighting installation tends to run on about 12 volts. Since single-phase voltage in homes & businesses in the UK is limited to 240 volts, we recommend getting a transformer just to be on the safe side. You can also get light fittings that require 240 volts which eliminates the requirement for transformers, we can pick the right transformer for your newly fitted solar garden lighting systems if required.

Q: Do I need to hire an experienced electrician to get the job done well?

Its advised, to get a professional finish. You need to hire a professional. The assistance of a licensed specialist is highly recommended, especially if you’re in need of landscape lighting repairs. The electrician who will arrive at your property will know all safety regulations inside out and will carry the proper tools to perform anything from replacement of solar lights to installation of complicated security sensor lights. If you have any ideas for future projects or need to ask a few maintenance questions, the polite and knowledgeable electrician will be more than glad to offer you free expert advice.

Q: Are you covered by an insurance?

Certainly! We are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan for your peace of mind. Every specialist that we send your way carries a public liability insurance that reaches up to £5 million. The professionals, who will arrive to install your outside lights, are highly experienced, diligent, and are well acquainted with the latest version of health and safety regulations.

Q: Where can I check out your prices?

To learn how much your outside lighting installation is going to cost, simply consult your dedicated installation specialist or reach out to our professional and friendly advisers and they’ll offer you a personalised quote that will reflect all your needs. Is contacting them easy? Either dial 017 0891 0900, or fill in our quick contact form & a specialist will contact you shortly.