Electric Cooker Installation

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Entrust your electrical cooker, oven, hob or extractor installation to qualified electricians

It takes a bit more than finding a spare socket outlet in your home to get your newly bought electric cooker, oven or hob going. The reason – such appliances tend to generate lots of heat and require a lot more current than your typical fridge or microwave. In other words, this means that the install of your new electric oven, hob or cooker will require an independent circuit from your normal sockets, with its own circuit breaker (MCB) within your consumer unit. That is why it is best to hire a qualified electrician when you need to install electrical appliances.

AC Kinetic will safely install any electric kitchen appliance for you

Even if you wish to replace an already existing electric cooker, hob or oven, a dedicated circuit is required to comply with the current electrical regulations. Instead, contact AC Kinetic to hire a qualified experienced electrician who will:

Safely disconnect your old appliance by following all electric cooker installation regulations;
Check if your current circuit, fuse, or MCB can meet the energy demand of your new electric oven, cooker or hob;
Safely install your new electric hob, cooker or oven.

Rely on a service that meets all electric cooker installation requirements

Learn about the many benefits of using an electric cooker or oven.
Why should you consider using an electric oven, cooker or hob? Well, here are a few reasons to get you started:
By installing an electric hob, cooker or oven, you will reduce heat loss during exploitation, which will considerably decrease your energy bills;
Your new appliance will be much easier to ventilate, meaning that you will be able to free up more kitchen space and make your cooking process even more enjoyable than before;
The cooker/oven/hob is made from modern, durable materials and will need less maintenance as a result;
​​​​​​​Electric oven, hobs & cookers are incredibly easy to use and you will quickly master its many functions, even if you are a novice cook.

We offer many types of electric oven, hob, extractor or cooker installations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Our polite and skilled electricians can readily provide you with any of the following:

Electric cooker installation with or without cable – Following all electric cooker installation instructions & regulations our electrician will install your new appliance via a 1.5 metre long, 6mm cable.
Electric built-in oven installation with or without cable – Our electrician will safely disconnect your old electric oven, inspect & test your current circuit and safely connect your new oven via a 1.5 metre long, 6mm cable.
Electric/induction hob installation with or without cable – After safely disconnecting your old hob, our electrician will install your new electric hob providing it passes all safety inspections & tests using a cable with a suitable current carrying capacity for the installation of a suitable length.
Cooker hood/extractor installation – Our electrician will disconnect your old cooker hood/extractor, inspect & test the existing wiring, and safely connect the new extractor by following all IEE safety guidance notes & regulations.

How it works:

After you have purchased your cooker, oven, extractor or hob & have a delivery date & time slot;
Give us a call or email us if preferred to book your installation on the same day as your delivery. So that you can start using your cooker, oven, extractor or hob strait away.
You will receive a confirmation email containing all your terms & conditions, installation date & time as well as installation address.
Proving all the details are correct Nothing else needs to be done.

How our electrician will get the job done

Upon arrival on your specified date & time, the electrician will:

Survey the environment and ensure all existing connections are suitable and carry out a full health and safety assessment to ensure correct installation can take place.
Evaluate all existing wiring and determining whether it can be reused or if it requires replacing;
Un-box and inspect the new cooker, oven, hob or extractor.
Disconnect (if required) your old appliance.
Install your new hob, cooker, oven, or extractor in line with all cooker installation regulations.
Test the extractor, oven, hob or cooker and its independent electric circuit to confirm everything is functioning properly.
Deal with any remaining packaging rubbish before they leave your property.