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Common reasons why your wiring has been damaged

Unfortunately, lightning storms are not your electrical installation’s only enemy. In fact, many British households are more likely to malfunction due to worn or torn cables, corrosion, overloading circuits, accidental damage (putting nails through wiring), or by environmental hazards, such as burst pipes. Our emergency electricians at AC Kinetic will help you deal with various electrical emergencies there & then. Here’s what makes us a good pick:

  • No waiting times – unlike electrical companies, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
  • We can perform thorough earth & bonding checks, replace fuses, and much more;
  • All our emergency electricians that attend your property are fully qualified & insured;
  • We can upgrade your fuse board to meet the latest electrical standards in the UK;
  • We are available whenever you are – we offer 24/7 phone and online customer care;
  • Our emergency electricians can arrive anywhere within M25 within an hour or at a time of your preference.

Leave all your electrical emergencies to our skilled electricians

How can you tell if you need an emergency electrician?

It’s not too hard to notice if your electricity isn’t working as it should. Symptoms usually include flickering lights, the burning smell of overheating cables or melting plastic from switches or other devices, and power outages. You should also keep an eye out for old-fashioned power sockets and switches as these are prone to malfunction & put you in a situation where an emergency electrician is paramount. Lastly, you can tell that there is a problem if you notice a green liquid substance around the connections, hear a crackling noise when you press switches, or if a fuse spontaneously blows. Of course, all of these are just hints that you should call an emergency electrician and you should never attempt to repair the damage unless your qualified & competent to undertake the work.

Why book a Kinetic emergency electrician to get the job done?

Our emergency electricians often arrive within 45 minutes after your initial call & are guaranteed to arrive no later than an hour after your call. Our emergency electricians are trained especially for emergency situations & perform at even greater heights under extreme pressure. Even if you have the tools, you will still need to correctly identify the issue that short-circuited your appliance or caused a sudden blackout. AC Kinetic emergency electricians have been performing fault finding in electrical circuits for years and can easily tell what went wrong at a glance more often than not. They carry specialist electrical equipment to aid in ascertaining the issue within the hour, our emergency electrician will be ready to act as soon as you invite them in. All electrical work is in line with BS 7671 IEE wiring regulations & the latest versions of electrical guidance notes.

Emergency electrical safety checks done the proper way

Fixing errors in high voltage systems requires rigorous preparations and strict fault-finding procedures. For your and the emergency electrician’s safety, the emergency electrician will always make sure to do the following:
  1. Analyse the issue that is reported. We then evaluate the damage if any & the route caused to prevent it from re-occurring.
  2. We get down to the root cause of the emergency. Bad wiring, a melted switch – whatever the case, the emergency electrician will troubleshoot the whole circuit and pinpoint all faults.
  3. Eliminate all probabilities one by one until we are left with the most plausible explanation of why your property sustained damage.
  4. We perform various tests and repairs to confirm that our conclusion is 100% accurate.

Put an end to random short-circuits today

Booking a Kinetic emergency electrician is a breeze. Just use our quick contact form or give us a ring. Next, simply choose any time or day of the week (we cover workdays, weekends, and bank holidays.) For your peace of mind, whichever emergency electrician that knocks on your door is also covered by an insurance plan of up to 5 million GBP (£5,000,000). Whatever the task at hand, they will work hard to make your home safer than ever before for you and the people you love.

24 Hour Electricians On Call

Electrical faults can happen at any moment and more often than not can jeopardise your safety. When it occurs, you want to call an emergency Electrician you can trust and who can do the job well in a timely fashion. At AC Kinetic our team of trustworthy and qualified emergency electricians can help you take care of any electrical emergency or needs that you may come across at any time of the day or night and have you back up and running in no time.

Why Us?

Our emergency electrician team take great pride in our reputation. Hence their solid work ethic based on reliability, customer service and friendliness. Our emergency electricians never compromise on safety or customer satisfaction.
From the most simple to the most complex of electrical emergencies, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our emergency electricians provide!

100% Satisfaction

There really is no doubt that our emergency electrician service is loved by all our customers. They value our emergency electricians because they are fast, trustworthy, and offer great value for money. They also value how safe, efficient, and professional our emergency electricians and services are. We would actually go as far as to claim we are the best emergency electricians, and we would hope that you, much like our customers, would agree. If you are looking for an emergency electrician in London, then look no further as we’re just a phone call away!