Fuse box/consumer unit installation

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Are you due a fuseboard installation/replacement?

There are many households in the UK that fail to comply with the IEE wiring regulations due to their fuse box & require new fuse box installation. Lots of homeowners & landlords still find themselves relying on old-style wiring systems & fuse boxes. Which can often invalidate your home insurance or cause potential harm through fire & electric shock. If your property is in a similar condition, then you should consider installing a new fuse box for safety reasons.
Leave your consumer unit installation in the hands of professionals

Even if your old consumer unit is working as intended, if the enclosure is made of plastic then your property is at greater risk of fire according to statistics gathered by the London Fire Brigade (LFB). The LFB recorded a startling increase of 182 home fires in the period of 2011/12 (71 home fires) – 2013/14 (253 home fires), they attributed this rise to poor wiring practices which led to plastic consumer units overheating and catching fire.
Our qualified and skilled electricians can easily install a metal consumer unit as recommended by the recent update to the British Standard for wiring regulations (BS 7671, 421.1.2011). A new, metal consumer unit installation will not only easily handle today’s ever-increasing electricity demands, but also successfully pass the UK’s strict building regulations & keep any type of insurance valid.

What goes into a fuse box replacement?

Professional earth & bonding check

Before replacing a fuse box or circuit breaker of any kind, our electrician will first check if everything is properly earthed and bonded. As this is the circuit protective conductor that prevents electric shock. This diligent inspection will require all electricity within the premises to be turned off briefly. If our electrician discovers any faults within the wiring in your premises, you will be informed immediately & be given the safest options to choose from at the time.

Quality testing & troubleshooting

Our electricians will always start by carefully inspecting your consumer unit for any signs of defects. This way, we can accurately estimate the time this installation will take. This is just a guide, not an exact timescale. Any extra work will be included in your final consumer unit replacement cost. As soon as they replace the consumer unit, our electrician will then check each and every circuit to ensure that your new installation is good to go. Included in your installation is, a brand-new metal consumer unit, brand new circuit breakers of adequate size for their respective circuits, (RCD’s) Residual Current Devices which provide additional protection against electric shock & a 100 amp double pole main switch.

We meet all regulations regarding fuse board replacements

All electric fuse board replacement tasks will be carried out in accordance with all BS 7671 wiring requirements. Thus, you can always count on our electricians to safely take care of everything from the moment they enter your property.

Free of charge trip to the council

Fuse board installations, as with many things in life, comes with a healthy dose of bureaucracy. Even the simple changing of a fuse in a fuse box will require you to visit your local council and notify them of this alteration. And guess what – you will be charged a hefty fee the moment you do so. This is a task we happily complete within the cost of your fuse board installation fee. So you have Nothing to worry about & can trust you have the right people on the job.