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Set the right mood with an expert light installation

You can find the list of all the jobs that we can help with:

Installing modern lighting for you with the latest tools & methods on the market;
Ceiling fans and ceiling light installation in accordance with all safety regulations;
Adorning your living room or kitchen ceiling with elegant lights;
Safely connecting any light fixtures to your home or business;
Helping you choose modern lighting that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Wish to install a new light fixture?

What’s the recommended size for my new light fixture?

It all depends on your desired look & preference. For instance, you won’t need more than a single ceiling fixture to efficiently illuminate a small living room. But your sleeping area may benefit from dimmed, bedroom ceiling light fixtures that relax the eye and calm the mind. Want to create a cosy home office? Then think powerful task lights to ease those long hours of typing. If you can’t make a decision, let our professional creative electrical designers handle the lighting project for you. Just share your preferences and let the specialists roll up their sleeves to provide you with the right lighting solutions for practical or purely decorative use.

How many types of lighting installations are there?

The light fixtures of today are incredibly varied, so it’s no longer a hassle to give your home a unique touch. The electricians have the mounting equipment and connectors to turn your living room into a ball hall with brilliant chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. For a more low-profile setting, we can also supply you with elegant table and buffet lamps or recessed downlights or why not bathe your garden in led lamps? Solar lanterns and other outdoor lights with the hit of a switch? But that’s not all – our electricians can also install foyer lighting, bath vanity lighting, ceiling fans and much more in line with all safety regulations.

How long is my light installation going to last?

Usually, light installations do not take more than a couple of hours depending on the number of lights required to be installed. Equally important is the height at which you want to situate your light fixtures, so less accessible areas will most likely slow the electrician down. Last, but not least, what is the complexity of the task ahead? – different types of light fixtures require a varied set of methods and tools, which can sometimes affect the length of your installation.

What kind of supplies do I need for my light installation?

All tools and supplies will be provided by us, your electrician will have everything to hand. Our electricians carry all sorts of light installation essentials, such as wall plugs, screws & tools that will be suitable for mounting any types of fixtures. If you have chosen to supply the light. That’s the only thing we shall ask of you, that you hand the fitting to the friendly electrician on arrival.

What are the costs involved in light fixture installation?

An important factor that will determine your fixture mounting price is the state of your current wiring. If its condition is poor, then any modification or replacement work by our skilled specialists may take a bit of extra time and effort. The safe installation of a suitable electrical supply for your new fixtures may also require a tad more work, as this task can take quite a bit of man-hours. Finally, the process of running wires may sometimes involve loosening of floorboards or access holes cut in walls, which could result in subsequent repair work.

How much will my light fixture installation end up costing?

The price of all electrical work will depend on the time the electrician spends on-site, as well as on the current state of your wiring, its availability, and on the type of fixture that you have selected for your home or business. If you have any further questions, you can always contact one of our representatives who would be happy to help. If it’s more technical advice you require, we can arrange one of our fully qualified electricians to give you a call back to discuss your install in greater depth.